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North Fulton Physical Therapy Treatments

“North Fulton Physical Therapy… PT Specializing In the Following Treatments“

Pre/Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Intervention to address a weakness or deficiency can be done prior to the need for surgery or initiated following surgery along guidelines specific to the pathology.

Orthopedic Injuries

Injuries to the muscles, bones, ligaments, and soft tissue can occur from many circumstances including work, recreation, motor vehicle accidents, and around the home. A structured, goal oriented approach to each injury will expedite a more full recovery.

Muscle Imbalance

Many injuries are caused by an imbalance in the body which causes additional stresses to other parts of the body which can be addressed by a thorough evaluation and treatment strategy.

Strength Training

Our bodies function best when support for the spine and extremities is provided by strong muscles working in harmony. Thorough evaluation for any weaknesses can prevent and cure many conditions which present pain and debilitation during our normal daily activities.

Custom Orthotics

Proper alignment of the foot and ankle has been shown to prevent and cure many conditions affecting the lower extremities and spine.

Custom fitted orthotics, which fit right in the shoe, can diminish the chances of these conditions occurring.

Wellness Program

Clients wishing to improve their overall fitness and well-being can utilize our services for evaluating their

currentcondition and working on a specific exercise regimen to achieve their desired goals.

Postural Analysis

An analysis of your posture is paramount in preventing many conditions which affect both the spine and extremities.
Early intervention is key to correcting imbalances and decreasing the chances for cumulative stresses to the spine and surrounding tissues.

Sports Injuries

Individuals participating in sports are prone to many conditions whether by accident, overuse, or lack of preparation,which are addressed by thorough evaluation followed by specific treatment protocols for the safest and quickest return possible.


Most individuals will experience arthritis, to a degree, in their lifetime. Treatment regimens and strategies can bedeveloped to lessen the stresses to those joints affected and to reduce its advancement.

Industrial Rehabilitation

Individuals injured on the job present unique demands to treatment which can affect future employment and independence. A team approach involving the patient, employer, physician, physical therapist, case worker, and family presents the best chances for successful outcomes.

Physical therapists experienced in industrial injuries and evaluation for return to work interventions are paramount to desired outcomes.

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